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Just this week

Posted on 7 October, 2010 at 4:18
7 October 2010
It's always great to keep in touch with old friends, particularly from the BBC.  Every Christmas since 2000 I have organised a get-together at The Spaghetti House in Holborn, and each year the list of friends has got longer and longer.  Many of those friends from Schools Radio, SADG (The Studio Amateur Dramatic Group) and Ariel Theatre Group have gone on to stellar careers as actors, writers, producers, film directors, and vision mixers -  the list is endless.
I have just this week through Linked In, got in touch with a Schools Radio colleague - the bright and bubbly Liz Trubridge after seeing her name as Series Producer of Downton Abbey.  It will be really great to catch up and see her after 35 years.

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