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Children's Stories by Debbie Nagioff

"Freddy Goes to Work with Mum"is now available as an e-book from Amazon Kindle. Click on this link to purchase it, or go straight to Amazon.

The third of my children's e-books in the Freddy series, "Freddy Breaks his Arm" is now available to purchase through this website as a PDF or to download via Amazon Kindle. For up to 7 years old, this funny and brilliantly illustrated book (by Ryan Fairbanks) is the third story in a series of books to be purchased about a very cheeky boy who gets into many scrapes and adventures.

Other Books available from Amazon:

All the Freddy stories front cover jpeg
Freddy breaks his arm cover only
Mrs Bizziebody and the Goodie Family front cover
Freddy goes to work with mum jpeg COVER
Freddy disappears from the garden cover only as a jpeg